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Our goal is to reach every big or small E-commerce merchant to provide them with a customized payment solution to flourish their business without any obstacles.

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It’s been almost two decades that the E-commerce business has shown tremendous growth year per year. Some of the examples like,, and many more they have showed other retailers a way to the online world of showcasing their services and products to the right audience. With such a boom in the online world and ease to reach has even empowered the small local businessman to expand their horizon and reach worldwide network. But the only challenge for many of them is the payment processing or Merchant Accounts. So Now, with Think Processing our goal is to reach every big or small E-commerce merchant to provide them with a customized payment solution to flourish their business without any obstacles. Since Inception, this business has seen tremendous popularity and continuous growth this is the future where in we wanted to be a party of educating our customers the right and the easiest way to share best E-commerce practice from a business perspective and also let them know all the options for payment processing which would make them independent and let them explore the whole new world of payment processing and Merchant Industry.


What we Offer


Merchant Services

Our Companies that provide merchant services give businesses and people the tools and resources they need to accept credit cards, debit cards, and other forms of electronic payment for transactions.


Credit Card Equipment

Our next-generation credit card machines make it simple to accept credit cards. We have a solution for you, whether you need wireless credit card merchant services or NFC compatibility.


Online Payment Gateways

A payment gateway is a merchant service supplied by an e-commerce application service provider that allows e-businesses, online merchants to process credit cards or direct payments.


Virtual Terminals

It’s named “virtual” because it works in the same way as a credit card terminal, but instead of a physical terminal, it uses a non-physical software program.

Merchant Category
By Identifying the right Payment Processing Solution you would be able to adapt to Credit/Debit card transactions and many other forms of payments to help nurture your business.

Retail Merchants

merchant that provides goods and/or services in the retail industry


e-Commerce Merchants

Providers of eCommerce merchant accounts provide services that enable you to sell online.


Medical Merchants

In a recent study among patients who have postponed a routine medical appointment, many said it was for financial reasons


High Risk Merchants

If the industry has a higher risk of fraud and chargebacks, a merchant is usually classed as high-risk.

WIFM (What’s In It For Me )
Prioritizing Payment security for the customer backed up with exceptional customer service are the vitals for expanding your business. Your Merchant account and ease of processing can give your customers a sense of security and ensure trust factor. An exceptional customer service and business continuity are the two focus points to flourish your business. We are always kept up to date with all the compliance metrics and the compliance policies to make sure that all our customers are benefited to the core from the Merchant accounts. We have all solution TaylorMade as per your requirement to match your needs and give you what exactly you need.

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